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GUCancers is a trusted source for latest clinical & research coverage across the genitourinary oncology disciplines.

GUCancers publishes timely news coverage of scientific developments including in-depth coverage of all relevant medical conferences to urologists, renal cancer specialists, genitourinary oncologists, nephrologists, oncologists etc. The editorial team publishes numerous web-exclusive departments. We cover all the clinical news, findings, and announcements that we think will directly affect the lives and practices of health care professionals and patients throughout the U.S and worldwide.

Our writers and editors are longtime experts in their fields, and we are meticulous about fact-checking and disclosures.

GUCancers’s writers attend many medical conferences a year in the U.S. and abroad to bring you the most relevant coverage across all the major specialties. We send up to four writers to each conference, and also work with a portfolio of highly experienced freelance journalists to ensure that our coverage is comprehensive and representative.

About the Biomedz Global:

Biomedz Global offers a wide range of authoritative publications and services for healthcare professionals. Biomedz Global LLC is sole owner and publisher of Genitourinary Oncology.

Biomedz Global is a trusted publisher of medical and healthcare contents, featuring journals, conference supplements, special editions, books, apps, and digital products. As the trusted health science information provider, Biomedz brings the the renowned leaders, leading authors and content creators in their field.

We’re proudly disseminating knowledge and sharing data to the healthcare and pharmaceutical professionals for many years. Biomedz offers the world’s most reliable health education content in various formats, ranging from print textbooks to digital contents to mobile-optimized digital learning tools to meet the diverse expectations of today’s professionals and industry leaders.

Over these years, we are deeply passionate about delivering the quality educational, professional contents, breakthrough news, and clinical content to professionals. We provide content based products and resources in the fields of general oncology, renal cancer, genitourinary cancers and stem cell biology etc.

Biomedz portfolio is specialized in a spectrum of health science contents ensuring students, researchers, faculties, professionals, and institutions have access to reliable and relevant information. Our content is shaped for diverse teaching and learning purposes, providing students and educators with a wide range of options for achieving successful outcomes.

Biomedz continues to evolve to publish top-quality and innovative academic and professional print and digital products for the clinical, health care and pharmaceutical professionals

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